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External sites of interests to Plasmid Biologists and Mobile Genetic Elementists:

  • The journal Plasmid
    ISPB members are entitled to a print subscription in 2009 for the special price of $100.
  • ACLAME Database of Mobile Genetic Elements
  • The Plasmid Genome Database
    (CEH-Oxford with collaboration from the Danish Technical University)
    Aims to collate biological and genomic data for all bacterial plasmids in the hopes of enabling rapid interrogation of both meta- and genomic data.
  • Database of Plasmid Replicons
    (Mark Osborn, Sheffield)
  • IS finder
    A list of insertion sequences isolated from eubacteria and archae.
  • Tn Number Designation and Database
    A website set up to facilitate the naming of transposons.
  • Plasmid Sequencing
    (Sanger Institute Pathogen Sequencing Unit)
    The aims include the sequencing of reference plasmids for each of the Escherichia coli incompatibility groups for which no complete sequence exists.
  • The Sequence Ontology Project
    Aims to develop an ontology suitable for describing biological sequences - including plasmids, phages, transposons and other mobile elements.
  • The draft Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 genome sequence (including the genome and its seven resident plasmids) is available:
  • The Virtual Genome Project
    (Eva Top, Moscow, US)
    Eva writes: We want to reach out and share what we know about plasmids and horizontal gene transfer with people who have different levels of understanding. The three audiences that we want to address are: (1) a general audience; (2) high school students and their teachers; and (3) fellow researchers in the field. The site is still under development and all feedback is very welcome (
  • The Virtual Genome Project blog
    (Eva Top, Moscow, US)
    Eva writes again: We also started a blog which is focused on summarizing and discussing recently published publications in peer-reviewed journals in the field of horizontal gene transfer and plasmid biology/ecology/evolution. We hope to develop a regular readership by delivering a new post every week. Please let us know ( if you want to volunteer a blog.
  • Genogator
    An adaptable online tool for creating sequence diagrams to suit your needs - webpage resolution, reports, thesis and journal-quality images. Uses a novel system working from the EMBL annotated sequence file, to create images emphasising what you think is important.
    Ideal for plasmid genomes and transposons!

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