Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel
Kanoni, Corfu

15- 21 September 2004

Abstracts & Posters

Abstracts should be submitted to:

Send ABSTRACT as a MS Word document or in Rich Text Format (*.doc or *.rtf) as an email attachment.

ABSTRACTS should be 1 page (A4) in length with1 inch (2.5cm) margins on all four sides.  Type Title in capital letters then Author(s) name in lowercase letters and affiliation address.   Underline name of the author presenting the talk or poster.  Font should be 12 pitch, Times New Roman (or similar).  


For ABSTRACTS to be considered for Oral Presentations deadline is:  
                       31st March 2004.

For ABSTRACTS to be considered for Poster Presentations deadline is:  
                       30th May 2004.

Please indicate in the covering email whether the Abstract is for an Oral Presentation, a Poster Presentation or if you would be happy with either.
We are planning to include talks from both junior and senior scientists so please consider offering a talk if you have interesting data to present.


Posterboards are

If you have submitted an abstract and have not been told you are giving an oral presentation please prepare your work as a poster.   The size of the posterboards is:

                   120 cm wide by 190 high.  

Posters should be attached by Blu-tac which will be provided at the Conference.




  Plasmid Biology 2004 - A conference devoted to plasmids and other mobile genetic elements.