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The International Society for Plasmid Biology and other Mobile Genetic Elements (ISPB) is pleased to announce the next International Plasmid Biology Conference (Plasmid Biology 2008) which will be held from August 30th to September 5th 2008 in Gdansk, Poland.
The conference will cover all areas representing plasmids and other mobile genetic elements such as replication, partition/stability, transfer, evolution, ecology, genomics, systems biology, medical and veterinary aspects, applied aspects, and bioinformatics. The conference will consist of oral presentations, poster sessions and informal discussions. It will include both invited speakers as well as speakers selected from submitted abstracts.

Participation by women scientists, scientists belonging to racial/ethnic minorities or with disabilities is highly encouraged.


The historical city of Gdansk is located on the Baltic coast and is part of the Tri-City region that also includes Sopot and Gdynia. Besides beautiful sandy beaches, Gdansk also offers the wonderful Old Town with its impressive St. Mary’s Church, the Oliwa Cathedral (surrounded by a beautiful park), and the Westerplatte peninsula (where the first shots of the World War II were fired). Another notable site is the Gdansk Shipyard from which a worker’s strike in 1980 resulted in the foundation of ‘Solidarity’, which led to the fall of communism in this part of the world.

The International Lech Walesa Airport and several low-cost airlines offer easy and inexpensive connections to Gdansk from major European airports. Gdansk and the surrounding region is also a major scientific and educational center that includes the Gdansk Technological University, the Gdansk University, the Gdansk Medical University and the Navy School in Gdynia.

The conference will be held in the Old Town of Gdansk in a new auditorium of the Gdansk University complex. Accommodations will be provided in a hotel located within the University complex. Dinners are planned in the nearby restaurants on Dlugi Targ, the main street of Gdansk Old Town. We invite you to Plasmid Biology 2008 and look forward to an exciting conference in Gdansk!

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