To get to the University complex from the Lech Walensa Airport in Gdansk please take Neptun Taxi (also marked 9686) from the taxi-stand. If you could not find the Taxi please call on +48 9686. The flat rate for "Plasmid" conference participants (from the Airport to the conference place) is 50zl or 16 euro or 25$.

You can also take the bus B. The bus time table is available on the web site: The travel time is approximately 30 minutes and the rate for the single ticket is 2,80 zl. Please get off the bus on the bus stop: Brama Wyzynna and follow the Okopowa Street to the underpass. From the underpass please go left where you could find the University complex.

The conference address is*:
ul. Kladki 24, 80-952 Gdansk

The Hotel address is*:
ul. Podwale Przedmiejskie 20, 80-822 Gdansk
*The distance between those two places is 50 meters

The conference participants arriving to the main Gdansk railway station may choose taxi transport, tram (number 8 or 13, towards the direction of Stogi, second stop from the station) or a 20 minutes walk to the conference location >> click on <<

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