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There will be a limited amount of funding available for Young Scientists to attend the next international meeting of the Society. Please see the conference web pages at for more information.

Prizewinners 2008
The names of all prizewinners from the 2008 meeting will be given as soon as I can get hold of the list. Meanwhile, see the prizewinners receiving their prizes in the Photos section.

The Brian Wilkins Memorial Fund Prize

The major Prize offered by the Society honours the late Brian Wilkins.

First awarded in 2004, it is a provided from a private fund to encourage scientists at the start of their career who are already demonstrating, like Brian, an enthusiasm and committement to the study of plasmids and other mobile genetics elements. It is expected that applicants for the prize will attend the next international meeting of the Society to present their work. For full details, please read the Rules.

The deadline for applications for the 2010 prize is 27th August 2010. Please send your application or nomination, including CV, supporting information and letters of recommendation, preferably electronically to the Secretary:

Professor C.M. Thomas,
School of Biosciences,
The University of Birmingham,
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